How to Winter Proof Your Windows in Southern Oklahoma

October 23, 2019


Cold weather is finally here, and that means heating bills are starting to rise. While there are many ways that houses lose heat, leading to unexpectedly high costs, windows are one of the most common culprits. Winter-proofing your windows can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over the life-cycle of your home, and it often doesn’t take much. Here are top tips for winter-proofing your windows by Bailey’s Roofing and Construction in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, a trusted choice for home roofing and exterior services, including insulation and, of course, high quality windows.
The first step is to verify any potential signs of a leak in your home. Once a leak has been located, be sure to install a form of weather stripping. Foam Tape, Felt, Door Sweeps, and Draft Snakes are all good weatherstripping options.
Once you’ve dealt with leaks, consider installing cellular shades and/or drapes. Shades and blinds can make a significant impact on your home energy costs. These shades will help to cool your home in the summer in the summer while containing heat in the winter.Nonetheless, some of the most energy-efficient solutions, are outdoor installments.
It’s never a bad idea to investigate installing outside Shades, Shutters, Awnings. When deciding on outdoor window coverings, consider the color you choose to install. The lighter the color, the more they will reflect the sun’s rays. In some cases, planting trees can block natural elements like wind or excess sunlight. These installments prevent excess heat and cold winds from your windows and home. They will also help to cut costs spent on heating and colling your home.
For more winterization tips and passive heating and cooling strategies. Contact a professional at Bailey’s Roofing and Construction the #1 choice of roofing contractors in Southern Oklahoma. Call 405-343-8847 or Request a Free Inspection today.

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