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Bailey’s Roofing is owned and operated by Jerry Bailey. With over 20 years of experience in roofing and construction, Jerry and his team have become the #1 choice in roofing contractors in Southern Oklahoma by committing to the people and the community they serve. Jerry started doing repairs and remodels of residential properties while maintaining a full-time job, and he quickly realized that his expertise was in roofing repair and installation. With the support of his wife and family and a lot of hard work, Jerry has built a local roofing company with a reputation of quality and professionalism that proudly serves the needs of his customers and community.

The Baileys residential Roofing family

Committed to Excellence and Professionalism

The Bailey’s Roofing team takes pride in exceeding customers’ expectations regarding price and quality. It is that commitment to professionalism and quality that sets us apart. We are obsessed with providing homeowners with the best local roof repair, roof installation, and exterior services in Southern Oklahoma. Each day we put our more than 20 years of roofing and exteriors experience to work for the customers we serve.

The Bailey’s Guarantee

We are Insured and Guarantee our work.

When you have work done, you expect some level of guarantee. In fact, you should make sure of it long before agreeing to the work. But far too often, that is not the case. We feel strongly about every one of Bailey’s Roofing customers having a guarantee, and we actually stand behind ours – plus the one provided by the manufacturer.

Whether it is roof replacement, new gutters, or a simple roof repair, Bailey’s Roofing guarantees the work. On top of the manufacturer’s warranty, which comes with all the products we sell, we add our craftsmanship warranty and we stand behind it.

Proud to Serve our Community

Bailey’s Roofing takes an active role in the communities we serve, from sponsoring local athletics and performance programs to supporting the efforts of our team’s church goals. We believe that supporting local businesses and organizations is the responsibility of those who can and we live what we believe.

Bailey's Roofing local residential roof repair

Our Services

Bailey's Residential Roofing near


Your house is likely your most valuable asset, and your roof is your house's first line of defense. Bailey’s Roofing is the top roofing company in Southern Oklahoma, serving Wynnewood, Ada, Ardmore, Duncan, Goldsby, and beyond!

Bailey's Roofing Gutters


Gutters and downspouts have an important job and the South Oklahoma weather puts a lot of rain on our roofs that need to go somewhere. Bailey’s Roofing offers professional gutter installation, repair, and maintenance to help get your gutters in the right shape to protect your home and property.

Bailey's Roofing Windows


Whether you need to repair a leaky window, replace a broken pane, or upgrade your current windows, Bailey’s Roofing has the experience to handle your window services at competitive rates.

Bailey's Roofing Siding


If your roof is leaking, it is crucial that you act promptly. Give Bailey’s a call, even in the middle of the night, to get scheduled for a quick, quality roof repair for your Southern Oklahoma home.