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As a Malarkey Certified Pro we only install complete Malarkey roof systems and include an Emerald Pro Warranty® and a lifetime workmanship warranty on every roof installation.

Need A New Roof?

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New Roof Costs?

We Can Help!

We’ll help you file your claim. Insurance pays for the roof and you just pay your deductible. Your deductible can be very little and sometimes nothing at all!

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Once we finish protecting home with a premium Foothills Roofing & Exteriors, you’ll receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

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Refer us to your friends, family, and neighbors. If we complete a job for one of your referrals, you’ll receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

Hail & Wind Resistant Roofing Systems…
We exclusively install impact resistant roofing that will survive the next hailstorm!


The Right Equipment To Do The Job Right

We believe in having the right equipment for the job.  Our crews use special 2 story hydraulic dumpster boxes to reduce damage to your landscape and property.

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A Few Words From Our Customers

Our roof was rocked by a horrible hail storm in July. Foothills Roofing and Exteriors to the rescue. Not only did they fix our roof they helped us with new house paint, gutters, and windows. Edwin was so easy to work with. I felt like we…

Steven Pilger

Google Reviews

It was a pleasure working with Edwin and Armando. They made the process of getting a new roof simple and painless, and we are very happy with the finished result. They also took care of most of the legwork…

Nick Brandt

Google Reviews

We had our roof replaced in July due to hail. Armando, Edwin and the entire Foothills crew were one of the easiest contractors to work with. They showed up on time, communication was excellent and their attention to detail far surpassed …

Brandon Baker

Google Reviews

Great job. the mot professional roofing job I have ever seen. On time, dumpster at roof level to diminish roofing in yard, kept me advised at ever step. They even cleaned nails etc out of my yard from a neighbors…

Rick Lannon

Google Reviews

“I wanted the best roof possible, Foothills Roofing & Exteriors made it happen!”

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Do you know someone who has been effected by the current pandemic?

We want to help! Watch this video to discover how our Community Service Project is assisting our community. Let us know if we can assist someone you know.

Complimentary Drone Roof Inspection

With drone technology and specific software we are able to identify, notate and document visible hail and wind damage

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