Jerry Bailey and his team of roofers have proudly served the homeowners and families of Purcell for years. From simple upkeep and repairs to full roof replacement, we’ve seen and done it all, and all of our projects are backed by The Bailey’s Guarantee. That’s our commitment to the quality of our work, above and beyond the manufacturer warranties. After all, we’re local! Our team lives in Southern Oklahoma.

We care about the quality of life and quality of the homes in Purcell and its surrounding communities. So, chances are good that Bailey’s has repaired a roof on your block. That’s why it’s so important to us that every Purcell resident understands: a Bailey’s roof is a roof you can trust will be delivered on time and on budget. If your roof is damaged it’s time to get a FREE inspection and estimate! Please complete the short form or call 405-343-8847 to get started.

Emergency Roof Repair

Whether you’re dealing with a leaky roof or damaged shingles, you can trust Bailey’s Roofing to find and implement a repair solution. Our emergency roofing professionals assess the damage to your roof promptly and provide the highest quality service in Purcell, Oklahoma.

Here are just a few simple reasons to give us a call for emergency repairs:

  • Our services team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • The work we complete for your home is up to state and local building codes
  • We guarantee prompt response times
  • We’ll offer you a warranty on all new roofing materials
  • We guarantee our craftsmanship longer than the industry standard

When hail or severe storms inevitably happen in Purcell, the roof isn’t the only thing that gets damaged. Let Bailey’s Roofing be the solution for your repair needs. We have teams of professionals ready to handle all your exterior repair and replacement needs, including gutters and windows.


Temporary Roof Patching

The sound of dripping from your ceiling always means something is wrong. That is the dreaded sign that signals that you have a leak. And when it follows a heavy thunderstorm or a hail storm, it is probably coming from a leaking roof. In this situation, you have three options. You can ignore it and hope it goes away (which never works), call a roofing professional like Bailey’s Roofing, or you can try to do it yourself. Don’t feel like getting up on a ladder in the rain? Give us a call…we love it!

Insurance Claims for Your Purcell, Oklahoma Roof

Like we said, Southern Oklahoma is our home! And we hate to see our neighbors get taken in by untrustworthy Purcell roofers looking to profit off of your insurance dollars. That’s not how we do business. We are happy to help you plan your possible roofing insurance claim so that you ethically get the most out of your claim. Doing things the right way is what we’re about.


Our Services

Bailey's Residential Roofing near


Your house is likely your most valuable asset, and your roof is your house's first line of defense. Bailey’s Roofing is the top roofing company in Southern Oklahoma, serving Wynnewood, Ada, Ardmore, Duncan, Goldsby, and beyond!

Bailey's Roofing Gutters


Gutters and downspouts have an important job and the South Oklahoma weather puts a lot of rain on our roofs that need to go somewhere. Bailey’s Roofing offers professional gutter installation, repair, and maintenance to help get your gutters in the right shape to protect your home and property.

Bailey's Roofing Windows


Whether you need to repair a leaky window, replace a broken pane, or upgrade your current windows, Bailey’s Roofing has the experience to handle your window services at competitive rates.

Bailey's Roofing Siding


If your roof is leaking, it is crucial that you act promptly. Give Bailey’s a call, even in the middle of the night, to get scheduled for a quick, quality roof repair for your Southern Oklahoma home.