5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Siding

January 4, 2021


It is important to remember that siding is not just a cosmetic piece of your home. Siding provides the protection that your home needs against weather and water. Without taking care of it properly, water can cause irreparable damage. You should replace it before it’s too late. Here are 5 signs that you need new siding for your home.



Most homes these days have vinyl siding instead of wood, but the wood underneath is susceptible to damage. If your siding feels soft or spongy anywhere, you need to replace it. Spongy siding signifies rotting wood due to built-up water damage. 

Moisture in your home

If you see peeling paint on your walls, water has likely seeped into your walls from the outside because your siding is not protecting your home as well as it should. There might even be mold growing! You should replace your siding as soon as possible to prevent these issues from doing further damage.


Siding usually holds its color for eight to ten years. If you have to repaint it before then, your siding is not up to par. Chipping and peeling paint are indicators of issues as well. If you have had your siding for a while and have repainted it a few times, you should replace it instead of repainting it. 


Holes in your siding indicate that bugs have gotten through it, most likely termites. You should look at getting new siding immediately and possibly call an inspector. 

Cracked or warped siding

Your siding might crack or warp if your house settles into the ground because of the temperature. If this happens, it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the siding can’t protect your home the way it’s supposed to. 


If you suspect your siding needs to be replaced or need help determining this, call Bailey’s roofing and construction! We will get your home prepared for the tough weather ahead!.

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