7 Questions to Ask Your Metal Roofer

October 10, 2021


Metal roofs have become increasingly popular. If you’re someone who’s considering getting a new metal roof, you should be smart about who you choose to install the latest piece of your home. Not all metal roofers are as experienced as they should be, and having someone who will do a good job is essential. If the roof isn’t installed correctly, it could mean a lot of damage to your home and your bank account. So, here are seven questions you should ask your metal roofer before they begin the project. 

1. Are you licensed and insured?

Not only is it required, but it’s essential for your sake that the roofer you hire has an up-to-date license and necessary insurances. Workers comp and liability insurance specifically protect you from things that are out of both of your control. This also allows you to determine the quality of work that this roofer might provide. 

2. Do you have references I can contact?

A quality roofer should have a handful or more references they can give you to contact for additional information. They should not have a problem giving you that information either. If they hesitate, it may be an indication of the quality of their work.

3. What do you offer?

“Metal roof” can mean many different things because there are a variety of materials metal roofs come in. Therefore, it’s essential to ask your roofer what they offer. They should also be able to tell you the pros and cons of each material. You can look this up as well if you’d like to do the research yourself. 

4. How long have you been in business?

There is not a set amount of time the roofer has to be in business for you to choose them, but it can be a good indicator of the work they provide. If they’ve been in business a long time, they have plenty of experience and positive outcomes.

5. What is the warranty on a metal roof?

The most common warranty for metal roofs is 50 years. However, you should confirm by reading the actual text to be sure. 

6. Will my property be damaged in the process?

A qualified roofer should come with the proper equipment to not damage your property. They should speak to you about ladder stabilizers they’ll bring as well as how they’ll discard their materials. The ladders stabilizers will keep them from damaging your gutters as they work. 

7. Do you clean up after you’re finished with the installation?

There are a lot of materials and tools used in the installation process. A professional and experienced roofer should be prepared to clean up their things and debris before finishing the project. Cleaning up should be their last step before the project is over. 


If you’re looking for a qualified, professional roofer to install a new metal roof for your home, Bailey’s Roofing and Construction in Sulphur, Ada, and Duncan, Oklahoma, is perfect for you. We assure you we can answer all of the questions above and others you may have about metal roofing. Call us to discuss a metal roof installation or replacement today. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more information. 

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