7 Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor

April 13, 2023


With new construction or home renovations, choosing the right contractor makes all the difference. There are so many options available, so it may be overwhelming to find the right one. You can narrow your search with the right approach. We will provide some tips for choosing the right contractor for your next project.

1. Do Your Research

Putting in the time and effort to do your research will pay off in the long run. Start by searching for ‘general contractors near me’ on google. Surely thousands of options will pop up and you can begin your research. Look for contracts with the best reviews and ratings. It is smart to check their websites to see their past work and portfolio. Becoming familiar with their services will serve to your advantage as you will become educated on their abilities. Ask for recommendations from friends and family who have had similar projects completed.

2. Check for Licenses and Insurance

A license proves that a contractor has met all the state’s requirements and qualifications to be a contractor. To make sure they are in good standing, you can check their license number with the state’s licensing board. It is always a good idea to ask for proof of insurance, including liability and workers’ compensation insurance. This will be important as it protects you from any accidents or damages that may occur during the project.

3. Look for Experience

The more experience a contractor has, the more likely they will provide quality work. Look for a contractor who has experience in the type of project you’re planning. Social media becomes a helpful tool when looking for their examples and portfolio. It also is appropriate to ask for references from previous clients, so you can get a better idea of their workmanship and professionalism.

4. Get Multiple Quotes

It’s a good idea to get multiple quotes. Never settle for the first quote you receive. Before hiring a contractor get an idea of the market rate for your project. Comparing different rates and contractors will ensure you are aware of all necessary details and that you get the best outcome for the price you pay. A quote should include materials, labor, and any additional fees. Also make note that you should not automatically choose the lowest bidder, because it could indicate low-quality work or material.

5. Check Communication Skills

A good contractor should have good communication skills. They should be responsive to your questions, and concerns. With good communication, you will be kept updated throughout the project so you can know the timeline and what to expect. Look for a contractor who is easy to work with and has good communication skills.

6. Check for Warranties and Guarantees

A good contractor should offer warranties and guarantees for their work. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that if anything goes wrong, you’re covered. Make sure to ask about any warranties or guarantees before hiring a contractor.

7. Ask about Timelines

Before hiring a contractor, ask about the timeline for the project. You will want to be sure they can complete the project within your desired timeframe. A good contractor should be able to provide a realistic timeline and stick to the deadlines.

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