Best Way To Handle A Roofing Insurance Claim

January 21, 2022


If anything should go wrong with your roof, filing a roofing insurance claim could be difficult because there’s not very much information out there for the process. Bailey’s Roofing and Construction are here to help with some advice on the best ways to handle a roofing insurance claim. 

Safety First

First things first, make sure your home is safe to enter or be in. Outside of the roof damage, you don’t want to injure yourself because of the roof either. 

Document Everything

Much like a car accident, you should document everything about your roof after the issue has occurred. This is, so you have proof of what happened. Don’t throw any damaged roofing materials or household items away either because a contractor could tell you about things you missed later. 

Involve Professionals

It might be tempting to handle the claim process yourself, but it’s not advisable to do so. Instead, you should contact a quality roofing company to come and inspect the damage. You can also hire a high-quality property loss attorney to handle the claim for you. 

Don’t Wait Too Long

Whether severe damage or minor, you shouldn’t wait to contact your insurance provider. One reason is that there may be an expiration on when your insurance can help, and another reason is that the faster you get the process going, the faster the damage can be fixed, and the claim settled. 

Have Representation

It would be best if you never went into an adjuster meeting by yourself. You could end up getting confused by “fancy” terms and make the wrong decisions. Instead, ask a roofing contractor or property loss attorney to be present with you to help you through the meeting. 


If you need help with a roofing insurance claim, contact Bailey’s Roofing and Construction in Ada, Duncan, Sulphur, and Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Our experts would gladly inspect your damage for you or assist you at an adjuster meeting to help you through the process, so contact us today! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more information. 

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