August 29, 2019


Searching for a sign from above that your roof needs help? When it comes to roof damage, minor issues can evolve into extremely problematic and expensive repairs. Theses unexpected fixes can leave you thousands of dollars in the hole. Make sure you know when it’s time to call the roofer. 

In an effort to prevent serious damage,  pay attention to the following 10 warning signs: 

  1. Curled, Cracked, or Missing Shingles
    This most likely means your shingles are near the end of their life.
  2. Discolored, Dirty, or Wet Shingles
    Wet shingles mean they aren’t doing their job.
  3. Access of Shingle Granules
    Asphalt shingles shed their granules near the end of their life.
  4. Wear and Tear around Roof Objects
    Pay attention to deterioration near vents, pipes, and chimneys.
  5. Damaged Exterior Paint
    Trapped moisture and humidity cause paint and walls to weaken and peal.
  6. Water Stains
    In most cases, water stains indicated a leak in the roof underlayment.
  7. Attic Leaks
    Water leaks in the attic often indicate a porous underlayment
  8. Sagging Roof Deck
    Sagging rafters indicate a localized source of moisture penetrating the roof.
  9. Presence of Outside Light in the Attic
    Streams of light in the attic are never a good sign.
  10. Higher Energy Bills
    Lastly, a sudden spike in energy bills indicates a ventilation issue.

If you notice one of more of the following signs of roof damage, schedule an inspection today. 

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