Emergency Roof Repair Tips

May 28, 2022


Your roof goes through a lot, protecting your home from damage. Things happen, so you might run into an issue that needs fixing right away. You can fix it yourself first and then have a professional come later to assess it, but it might be pertinent to provide some fix faster than a professional can come out. Bailey’s Roofing and Construction in Sulphur and Ada, Oklahoma, want to help you with that, so here are some emergency roof repair tips for when fixing the problem just can’t wait!

Use a Tarp

A tarp can be an excellent place to start if you have a leak that you need to patch before a professional can look at it. Make sure you use a tarp of adequate size, affix it tightly to the roof, and secure it with nails. You need to secure the top of the tarp under other roof materials or up and over a ridge so water doesn’t seep in from the top. Additionally, use roofing cement over the nails to secure the tarp. 

Temporarily Restore Shingles

The following roof repair tip will sound like it will work long-term, but it’s only a temporary fix, so you still need to schedule a time for a professional to look at your roof. Damaged or loose shingles usually cause leaks, so you can temporarily repair those damaged shingles and tighten the loose ones. You can use adhesive, cement, or roofing nails to re-attach loose shingles and tighten them to the roof. You should also use these materials on the shingles surrounding the loose ones. Note that you’ve essentially band-aided your shingles, so be sure to let the roofer know that when they come to take a look. 

Create Documentation

Before you repair anything yourself, make sure you document the damage that has occurred on your roof. You should take pictures of the damage, write down what you’ve noticed, and record any estimates, invoices, and bills you receive.

Inquire with your Insurance Company

You should contact your insurance company when you notice and record the damage to your roof. You need to find out what your policy covers, whether they will cover partial or full costs of repair, and after you file a claim, an inspector will likely come to your home to assess the damage and verify your claim. 

If your roof has incurred damage from the recent storms, you need to get it inspected even if you provided a quick fix to the damage like the ones we’ve mentioned above. Call Bailey’s Roofing and Construction for your roof damage needs, and we’ll set up a time to come look at your home. Don’t let damage go untreated, professionally, or you might have a bigger bill to deal with later, so contact Bailey’s Roofing and Construction today for repair inquiries! 

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