What Heat Does to Your Roof In Oklahoma

August 22, 2019


As much as we enjoy the warm summer season in Oklahoma, high temperatures and repeated exposure to direct sunlight can lead to complicated roofing issues and repairs. With that in mind, performing frequent roof inspections to detect potential signs of damage and wear, especially during the warmer months, is always a good decision. Understanding the harmful effects of extreme heat on your roof can prevent costly repairs and unexpected water damage. 

oklahoma roof with heat damage

The most widespread signs of roof damage include: 

Roofing Degradation

Over time, shingles may peel, buckle, or erode due to heat. Eroding shingles leave the wood surface underneath exposed to the elements which can cause significant damage. If you notice balding, it may be time to consider replacing your roof.  

Thermal Shock 

Thermal shock during warm summer months means that your roofing structure may experience periods of expansion and contraction, inflicting repeated physical strain. Expanding and shrinking shingles will decrease the overall lifespan of your roof.  

High Humidity 

Excessive humid air can trigger the collection of condensation beneath shingles. The collection of condensation often results in water leaks and damage. This condensation can also create tension and warp the wood used to make the roof. Installing a solid ventilation system in your attic space is the most effective method to prevent heat and water vapor from accumulating inside your home. A reputable roofer like Bailey’s Roofing in Oklahoma will be able to assess your current ventilation system and recommend improvements or, when necessary, a full replacement.

Long term exposure to extreme heat, like we’ve seen this summer in Southern Oklahoma, can also alter the structure of roofing materials. Asphalt shingles, which are among the most common roofing materials, will deteriorate when subjected to consistently high temperatures. In most cases, the asphalt material will become brittle, hard, and inflexible, which triggers the formation of cracks that allow moisture to penetrate the wooden structure of the home. 

The best and most practical solution to catch a roofing issue before it escalates is to schedule an inspection today. Contact the experts at Bailey’s Roofing & Construction in Wynnewood, Oklahoma to inspect and verify that your roof is structurally sound and free of leaks and cracks. We proudly provide roof replacement and repair in Wynnewood, Ada, Ardmore, Duncan, Goldsby and throughout Southern and Central Oklahoma. Stay cool out there.

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