Five Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

April 16, 2022


Spring is here, finally! Warmer weather makes it so much more enjoyable to be outside, and it gives you time to do some maintenance on your home when it’s not too hot or too cold. Bailey’s Roofing and Construction in Ada and Norman, Oklahoma, have a few roof maintenance tips for you to maintain your roof in the springtime. Here are five spring roof maintenance tips for you this year. 

1. Keep your gutters clean

Many storms come through during the spring, which means many things can get stuck in your gutters, from dirt piling up to leaves and sticks or other debris. It’s essential to clean all of this out of your gutters in the spring so that water can drain correctly when each storm comes. 

2. Keep an eye on the shingles on your roof

The wind is also common, along with the storms in the spring, and both combined can do a lot of damage to your roof. Therefore, you need to inspect your roof after rough weather to make sure the shingles are all still okay. If you find that your roof needs some help, you can contact us, and we can fix or replace those shingles. 

3. Watch for mold and algae build-up

While you’re up there inspecting your shingles, look out for things like mold and algae. Moisture can build up after the rain comes and cause mold or algae to grow, which is not good for your home. You can take care of these pests yourself, but you should contact a professional like those at Bailey’s before pouring any chemicals on your roof. 

4. Track any damage

As you’re inspecting your roof for the above things, be sure to track any moisture, shingle, or overall roof damage with pictures. Your home will likely cover some of your damage, especially after a storm, so it’s smart to have photos of the damage you’ve found for proof. 

5. Trim back trees around your home

Trees are one of the biggest dangers to your roof. Trees can break and fall on your roof in high winds and strong storms. To avoid worrying about this or having this happen, you need to trim back your trees as spring and storms roll around. 


To maintain your roof in the best way possible this spring, call us or schedule an inspection with our professionals at Bailey’s Roofing and Construction in Sulphur and Ardmore, Oklahoma. We’ll make sure your roof is sturdy and ready for the spring weather, no matter the wind or storm. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more information. 

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