How Much Does Gutter Replacement Cost?

November 11, 2020


gutter replacementGutters wear down over time. You might think they are a small asset to your house and don’t need much care, but letting them age too long can lead to significant problems for your home. They are essential to your home for roofing and foundation purposes. It’s better to take care of them than let the situation escalate! These are some things to keep in mind when considering the gutter replacement costs. It might seem expensive now, but replacing your entire system is even worse. 

The Type of Gutter

The type of gutter you choose has a significant effect on the costs of the project. There are seamless gutters, which have fewer leaks and fewer maintenance needs. There are also sectional gutters, which are cut pieces the gutter installer puts together like a puzzle. Seamless gutters are more expensive, but they will be easier to purchase, install, and take care of. 

Gutter Material

Gutters are made out of many different materials. Materials have the most significant impact on the cost of installation and replacement. Vinyl and aluminum are your cheapest options, ranging from $3 – $7 per foot. However, they damage easily. Copper is your most durable option and the most expensive at $15 – $30 per foot. Stainless steel and wood are your mid-tier options. They cost around $9 – $20 per foot. Wood is prone to deterioration and rotting, but it gives your home its own unique appearance. Steel requires a lot of maintenance, but it will last a lifetime if properly maintained. 

Home Size

Most installations and replacements are charged on a per-foot basis. If you have a longer or taller house, the costs will be more expensive than they would be for something like a tiny home. This variation is critical to keep in mind when considering gutter replacement costs. 

Gutter Maintenance

Once you have your new gutters installed, a professional might recommend you have gutter guards installed. These protect your gutters against damage, which will keep costs low in the future. Regardless of this, you need to clean your gutters. Maintaining the system and keeping it clean will lead to fewer replacements meaning cheaper maintenance. 

Overall Cost of Gutter Replacement

Overall, the average cost for gutter replacement ranges anywhere from $600 – $2,175. It can be hard to know who to go to for this kind of work. That’s why Bailey’s Roofing is here! If you live in Ada, Wynnewood, Ardmore, Duncan, or Goldsby, Oklahoma, give us a call. We will replace your gutters with the new ones you’ve been needing, backed by the Bailey’s Guarantee

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