Metal or Wood Building: Which One Is Better?

March 21, 2022


If you’re trying to build a new storage shed or building, or something similar, you might be thinking about whether metal or wood is best to use. Well, Bailey’s Roofing & Construction can help! We’re experts in our field and can tell you the pros and cons of each to help you decide whether metal or wood is right for your project. So keep reading to find out what it means to build with wood or metal. 

Consider The Elements

We know that no material is perfectly resilient to all-natural elements, but some do a better job than others. We’d have to say that wood and metal come out pretty equal in this case. However, you can think differently depending on what you care about most. Wood attracts bugs and rot when not properly cared for, especially if you purchase your materials from a low-quality company. Metal is naturally bug and rot-resistant, but there’s still a chance you’ll find bugs, and your materials might rust and corrode over time. 

How Durable Do You Want Your Building to Be?

Wood is known for its durability in many cases. Most commonly, wood is known for holding up against the wind in every way possible. No matter how tough the wind might be, your shed or building will hold up because it’s heavy and tough. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for metal buildings. If you want a metal building to hold up against the wind, reinforcements are sometimes needed, but you can most certainly depend on wood to stand on its own. The one thing that can be said about metal is that it won’t warp or change shape when in cold or hot weather. Overall, wood will stand up to more, but it depends on what you prefer or feels you need more protection from. 


Metal will always be the cheapest material when it comes to building. This is what metal is known for, so metal is the most economically sensible option if you’re on a tight budget. Wood is notoriously expensive because of the material, but it’s also costly because it makes the building more customizable. However, there are usually rent-to-own options to fit your budget because of the high price. So again, metal comes out on top when it comes to pricing. 


Wood requires a lot of maintenance. You will probably have to spend some time re-painting wood and managing shingles maintenance. Purchase materials from a reputable manufacturer. You’ll likely be able to cut some cost in replacing those shingles, but the maintenance is still required, whereas metal requires almost no maintenance. You don’t have to worry about painting, pest control, or shingles when it comes to metal. The most you’ll deal with is rust and corrosion, but that’s not near as time-consuming or expensive to maintain as wood. 


Wood is effortless to customize, and metal is not. You can customize the windows, siding, painting, shape, etc. Metal is not easy to customize, but it’s easy to transfer. So, if you’re looking for something easy to transport, then customization doesn’t matter as much. But we believe wood is the winner when it comes to customization choices. 


The choice between metal and wood is yours, depending on your must-have list for your storage shed or building. But, no matter what you choose, Bailey’s Roofing and Construction in Duncan and Purcell, Oklahoma, can help. Even if you can’t choose, we can push you in the right direction! So, call us today to speak with one of our experts about what option is best for you and how we can get your project started. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media for more information. 

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