The Benefits of Metal Roofing in Oklahoma

September 3, 2019


Each year thousands of Oklahoma residents are faced with replacing their roof due to severe weather and wear. And year after year, more and more people making the transition to metal roofing due to its durability, affordability, and energy-efficient design. The experienced metal roofing contractors at Bailey’s Roofing and Construction are more than happy to assist you with the installation, repair, and maintenance of your new residential metal roof. Serving all of Southern and Central Oklahoma. 

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

The following list of benefits highlights the importance of making the transition the next time you replace your roof. The advantages of metal roofs include: 


Depending on weather conditions and material, metal roofs can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years, compared to traditional asphalt roofs which have an estimated life expectancy ranging from 10-12 years. 


Metal roofs are incredibly durable. They are proven to withstand a range of unpredictable weather conditions and storms, which are common in Oklahoma. Some metal roofs can withstand gusts of wind up to 140 mph, without any signs of corroding or cracking. Because metal roofs are impact-resistant, they don’t need to be periodically repaired or maintained, saving you money and time spent on repairs. However, like any roof, they should be inspected periodically.


In the event of a lightning storm or fire, metal roofs will not spark or ignite into flames. 

Energy Efficient

Similar to asphalt roofs, metal roofs come in a variety of colors and coating. Installing a lightweight metal roof will significantly lower your monthly air conditioning bill, a big deal here in Southern Oklahoma. Metal roofs reflect sunlight, rather than absorbing it, which relieves the overall load on your cooling system. 

Environmentally Friendly

Roofing materials like tin, zinc, aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel, are 25-95% recyclable. All of these materials are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, which significantly diminishes the amount of waste.   

Metal roofs are both physically and aesthetically versatile. At Bailey’s Roofing and Construction, we are capable of matching or any era or physical design of a home, ranging from traditional to modern.  All things considered, metal roofing is simple and easy to install. Standing-seam metal roofing is well suited for buildings that may not be able to withstand the weight of a tile or slate roof. 

For more information about residential metal roofing, contact Bailey’s Roofing and Construction, Southern Oklahoma’s #1 choice for honest roofing and exterior services. Give us a call today at (405) 343-8847.

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