Preparing Your Roof for Oklahoma's Fall Storms

September 17, 2019


Are you concerned with the current state of your roof ? Heavy rainfall, summer storms, tornadoes, or even hail storms may cause unforeseeable damage.

Repairs and replacements after the fact can be time consuming and expensive.  A well-inspected and maintained roof will considerably increase its lifespan. 

Prepare for the incoming impact of possible storms and extreme weather. The following roof protection tips can save you endless amounts of time and money. 

  • Inspect your roof. Check to see that your shingles are properly nailed down. A severe storm can blow shingles off and leave your roof bare. 
  • Trim your trees. Common roof damage often occurs because of falling branches from trees. 
  • Secure doors and windows. Puncturing debris increases pressure in the home and strain on the roof. 
  • Secure loose items outside. The last thing you want is a lost trampoline or patio furniture on the roof. Tie-down and stow away as many items as possible. 
  • Clean Gutters. Accumulating debris and dirt can block the flow of water exiting the roof. 

These steps will help to ensure the protection of your roof. For more information about residential roofing, contact Bailey’s Roofing and Construction

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