What Questions Should I Ask a Roofing Company?

November 23, 2020


An Oklahoma storm just blew through, and it brought some hail with it. Roofers want to help, so they are knocking on your door left and right. How do you know which one is right for you? Well, you’re in luck! Bailey’s Roofing Company has put together this guide of questions to ask a roofing company when you open your front door.

What is Your Legal Business Name?

This question might seem like a silly thing to ask, but it is very easy for a person to scam you by representing themselves as another business. Their answer should be quick and definitive. Then you should ask them for proof. None of these things will be a nuisance to them if their business is legitimate.

Do You Have Insurance?

Roofers must have insurances to protect you and your home while they repair your roof. Accidents happen, especially in roofing, such as a worker getting injured or damaging your home. You need to be covered in case things like this were to happen. Without workman’s’ comp insurance, you might be liable if an accident occurs while the company is on the job.

Can You Just Leave the Estimate in my Mailbox?

If they are a quality roofer, they won’t want to agree to leave the estimate in your mailbox. That’s a good thing! The roofer should want to stay, ask you questions, and get all the information they need from you before starting the job.

Who Will be On-Site for my Repairs?

The company owner will most likely not be available for the entire project, but an experienced project manager should always be present. Don’t accept the excuse that the roofers are experienced and don’t need supervision. The roofers need someone to make sure the job gets done well.

Do You Offer a Warranty for Your Work?

Any roofing company should guarantee their work beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

If your roof is damaged in the next storm, or you want a roofing professional to come out for an inspection give Bailey’s Roofing a call today! Our team of Ada residential roofing professionals will give you a fair, honest estimate, and a beautiful roof that will last. That is the Bailey’s guarantee!

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