What is a Rapid Roof Remover?

March 30, 2020


You’ve noticed signs of roof damage so it’s time to replace your roof. As you research your options, you may come across a tool known as Rapid Roof Remover.

Knowing what this is can help you understand how it can help you and why you may want to find a roofing company in Wynnewood that uses one.

Keep reading to learn more about this roofing tool and to see why so many roofing companies are using it to provide better roofing services to homeowners and business owners.

What Is Rapid Roof Remover?

Rapid Roof Remover is a roofing tool designed to quickly remove shingles from a roof. It does this with a 30-inch blade that’s designed to tear off shingles and remove the fasteners without damaging the roof beneath.

It’s also lightweight, weighing only 56 pounds. This allows it to be easily lifted onto the roof and used safely by the roofers.

Roofing companies love the Rapid Roof Remover because of how efficient it is. It can remove several layers of roofing materials in a single pass. This allows them to perform shingle removals far more quickly than normal.

The design of the blade also works to remove debris from the roof as it works. Once again, this helps save roofers time and energy as they prepare the surface to install a new roof.

How Does Rapid Roof Remover Benefit Property Owners?

Let’s look at some of the reasons you may want to choose a roofing company that uses one of these tools in their renovations.

Faster Renovations

Whether you’re heading into a Wynnewood winter or a blistering summer, getting your roof repaired as quickly as possible will help you protect your home from the elements.

If you want the fastest renovations, it helps to have a tool like Rapid Roof Remover in the hands of workers. They can cut their work time down to a fraction of what the job would take if they had to do it by hand, ensuring you get your new roof faster.

Saves You Money

Because of how quickly Rapid Roof Remover works, it will save you money. Since the roofing company doesn’t have to pay for extra hours of work, you don’t either. This allows you to save money on your roofing repair.

Can Perform Other Renovation Work

Rapid Roof Remover is a flexible tool that can also perform floor removals, including pulling hardwood flooring from concrete. This just requires the regular blade to be switched out for an 18-inch toothed blade.

If you’re having major renovations done on your home, you may be able to save even more time and money if the roofing company you hired is willing to share this tool.

In Need Of Roofing Renovations?

Now you know what Rapid Roof Remover is and can see how it benefits you as a homeowner or business owner in need of roofing renovations.

Here at Bailey’s Roofing, we want to provide everyone in and around Wynnewood, Oklahoma, with fast and efficient roofing projects. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you replace or repair your roof.

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