The Basic Steps of Roof Repair Explained

July 26, 2020


If you own a home, chances are that at some point, you’ll wind up dealing with roof damage. Maybe a hailstorm came through and damaged your shingles, maybe a tree fell on your house, or maybe a tornado took part of the roof away with it. Whatever the situation, you’re now facing a roof repair.

Repairing a roof is about building a new, solid foundation for your shingles to rest on. Read on to learn more about how Bailey’s Roofing approach this process.

Clean Up

The first thing you’ll need to do when your Wynnewood, Oklahoma home roof is damaged is to clean up. You may have shingles laying in your yard and there might be nails hiding in the grass. Use a magnetic tool to find these, and toss shingles into a dumpster to be disposed of.

Your roof damage might be a little more dramatic – more along the lines of a tree coming through the ceiling. If this is the case, hire a crew to come remove the tree from your property. Cover the hole with something waterproof for the time being and begin cleaning up the inside of your house while you wait for Bailey’s Roofing to arrive to start your roofing steps installation.

Repair the Sheathing

Once you’ve gotten things back to a workable condition, it’ll be time to repair the sheathing on your roof. If you’re familiar with roofing basics, you’ll know sheathing is usually made of ½-inch thick plywood in eight-foot sheets. Your contractor will need to cut a piece to size to cover the damaged area of your roof.

Bailey’s Roofing will measure the hole in your Wynnewood, Oklahoma home roof, and cut pieces to fit the area that will be reshingled. If the hole is larger than eight feet, they won’t install entire sheets of plywood; they are too big to be structurally stable. Instead, they’ll cut them into smaller pieces and stagger them in a brick pattern so no two joints are next to each other.

Install New Shingles

With your sheathing in place, it will be time to start installing the new roof. Bailey’s Roofing will begin by laying down new felt paper, working from the bottom up, and leaving a two-inch overlap in the sheets. They’ll use a staple gun to secure the felt paper to the sheathing they previously installed.

Next, they’ll start laying shingles at the bottom corner of the area they’re repairing. They’ll work their way up in a pyramid shape, being sure to nail on the tar strip of the shingles. They’ll also install roof vents as they come to them, and they’ll layer the existing shingles on the edges of the damaged area on top of the new shingles.

Learn More About Roof Repair

Damage to your Wynnewood, Oklahoma home roof can be devastating, but knowing how to approach a roof repair can help you get your house back in order sooner. Make sure your living situation is secure before you call for repairs, and focus on finding a good company to work on your roof. A quality contractor will make sure they layer shingles the right way and prevent leaks as they work.

If you’d like to get help repairing your roof, get in touch with us at Bailey’s Roofing. We focus on professionalism, quality, and customer service. Contact us today and start putting a solid roof back over your family’s heads.

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