Vinyl Siding or Brick: What’s The Best Option For You

March 13, 2022


Vinyl siding or brick? Which one is right for the siding of your home? That’s what we’re going to discuss today. Both have benefits and downsides, so it comes down to what you care about and want for yourself, your family, and your home. Read this article to find out the pros and cons of vinyl siding vs. brick. 


Brick has been around for a very long time. It’s very common for it to be a part of older homes and for it to be used as an accent in newer homes. Back in the day, a brick wall was exactly that, a brick wall. There was no frame to hold the brick. Nowadays, construction workers build a frame first, and then the brick is laid in one layer that shows on the outside of the home. 


Brick is 100% water and moisture-resistant. Because of this, it won’t swell, change shape, crack, or warp like other materials would with moisture such as wood. It’s also very unlikely that your brick would ever need replacing because it is so resistant to pretty much anything. It doesn’t even rot. Visually, brick is a good choice because it fits many different architectural styles. 

Down Sides

We’ve seen the great benefits of brick, but there are a couple of downsides to choosing this material as well. One is that brick is limited in color and style. Even though you can paint brick to change its color, paint doesn’t adhere well, so you’d be repainting the brick every now and again. Additionally, we’ve noted that brick itself is very durable, but the mortar that joins the bricks together is not as durable. It’s more susceptible to damage. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding was made as a replacement for wood siding. It’s made of sturdy plastic, so although it can look like wood, it holds up better and doesn’t require as much upkeep. Vinyl siding comes in many more colors and styles than brick, making it a more flexible design option. It’s also easier and faster to install. This means you’ll have an easier time finding someone to do the job, and it will likely cost less. The flexibility of vinyl siding means that it can move and shift with your home over the years, so it will require less maintenance than brick as well. 


In the end, you’ll be the one to decide which option is better for your home, brick or vinyl. But no matter what, Bailey’s Roofing and Construction in Sulphur and Norman, Oklahoma, can help get the project done. So, once you’ve decided on the material you want to use, give us a call! We can provide you with an estimate and get started. Your home will be just the way you want it in no time. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more information. 

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