Window Cleaning Tips

June 10, 2021

window cleaningCleaning windows can be a tedious task. It can be even more of a problem when you find streaks left afterward or if you’re not cleaning them properly with the right solutions. However, there are some ways you can guarantee pristine-looking windows after you clean them. From a professional roofing and construction company, here are some window cleaning tips to help you out the next time you have to give your windows some TLC.

Window Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Two Scrubbers

This tip might seem a little simple, but it makes a world of difference. Use two scrubbers instead of one when working on your windows. One scrubber is for exterior windows, and the other scrubber is for interior windows. This way, you don’t carry dirt or pollutants from outside into your home. 

Use Liquid Dish Detergent

We know there are plenty of window cleaning solutions out there, but honestly, using dish soap is the way to go! It removes dirt and grease and leaves the glass slippery, making it easy for your squeegee to glide over it. Using biodegradable dish soap is even better because it’s safe for your plants outside, and it’s safe for your children and pets inside. 

Magic Erasers are your Best Friend

Mr. Clean magic erasers are not only great for your stove in your kitchen, but they’re perfect for those tough stains on your windows! Magic Erasers help you get deep into the window panes to clean the dirt and gunk that collects on the edges. What’s better is magic erasers can take off silicone caulk from your window panes and water stains. 

Paint Can Openers are Helpful

Even though you aren’t painting your windows and have no paint cans to open, a paint can opening tool can benefit your window cleaning process. This little tool makes it simple to pop off your window screens so you can clean the glass behind them!

Always Use New Squeegee Blades

Squeegees are meant for windows, but they should not leave streaks. 12 to 14 in. blades are usually ideal for window cleaning, and you should always make sure to have new squeegee blades on hand. You need to replace your squeegee blade every time you clean your windows to avoid leaving streaks on your lovely, clean windows. 


Cleaning windows doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. Hopefully, these window cleaning tips will make your process easier and smoother. If you’re looking for more information on windows or other roofing and construction needs, check out Bailey’s Roofing’s other blogs! For more help cleaning your windows, just give us a call! We’d be happy to restore your windows.

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